DDSC-T Processing Team Leader / DDSC-T 加工チームリーダー

Date: Jul 8, 2024

Location: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, JP, 140-0012

Company: Dentsply Sirona, Inc

Requistion ID: 77660


Dentsply Sirona is the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies, with a 130-year history of innovation and service to the dental industry and patients worldwide. Dentsply Sirona develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive solutions offering including dental and oral health products as well as other consumable medical devices under a strong portfolio of world class brands. Dentsply Sirona’s products provide innovative, high-quality and effective solutions to advance patient care and deliver better and safer dentistry. Dentsply Sirona’s global headquarters is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company’s shares are listed in the United States on NASDAQ under the symbol XRAY. 


製造本部 DDSC-T 製造グループ / 加工チームリーダー兼プロセスエンジニア

DDSC-T Manufacturing Group, Manufacturing Division / Processing Team Leader and Process Engineer





  1. 日々の製造管理
    • 工程におけるトラブルシュート
    • 製造装置、システムにかかわる技術的問題の把握と海外を含む関係部門との協業による計画的な品質および生産性改善の実現
    • 安全管理を含めた管理活動とレポーティング
  2. 海外にて開発/認証された新製品やサービスの日本工場への移管
    • マーケティングや海外チームと協力の上、新製品やサービスの製造への展開計画策定
    • 上記にかかわる文書作成および標準化
  3. グローバル活動(Operation ExcellenceやEHSなど)への関与と日本工場への展開
  4. QMS活動のサポート


As a manager of the machining department and a process engineer supporting the manufacturing department, you will be responsible for the management of manufacturing using 5-axis machining centers and other equipment, as well as general technical support.


・Day-to-day management of manufacturing

‐ Trouble shooting in the process

‐ Identify technical problems related to manufacturing equipment and systems and collaborate with related departments, including those overseas, to achieve planned improvements in quality and productivity.

‐ Management activities and reporting, including safety management

‐ Transfer of new products and services developed and certified overseas to the Japanese plant

‐ Developing a plan for the deployment of new products and services to manufacturing, in cooperation with marketing and overseas teams.

‐ Creation and standardization of documentation related to the above

‐ Involvement in global activities (e.g. Operation Excellence, EHS, etc.) and deployment to Japanese plants

Support QMS activities




  1. 理工学系の大学卒以上
  1. 製造設備に関わる技術者としての経験(プロセス技術、設備開発など)
  2. ビジネスレベルの英語力

Application Requirements


・A minimum of a university degree in science or engineering

・Experience as an engineer working with manufacturing equipment (process technology, equipment development, etc.)

・Business level English proficiency



  1. 機械工学系の大学卒以上
  2. 3次元加工機(特に5軸マシニングセンター)に関する経験
  3. 製造組織での管理者・マネジメント経験
  4. 新製品や新技術の量産展開プロジェクトの管理経験


・University degree or higher in mechanical engineering

・Experience with 3D machines, especially 5-axis machining centers

・Experience in administration and management in a manufacturing organization

・Experience in managing projects for mass production deployment of new products and technologies



  • 給与:これまでの経験・能力・スキルにより相談に応じます。
  • 業績賞与 年1回支給(3月)
  • その他の条件:
  • 各種社保完備
  • 通勤手当支給
  • 退職金制度
  • 慶弔金など各種手当



・ Salary: to be discussed based on previous experience, ability, and skills.

・ Performance bonus paid once a year (March)

・ Other terms and conditions:

・ Various company insurances

・ Commuting allowance provided

・ Retirement allowance

・ Various allowances including condolence money






Desired age: 30s-early 40s

Annual income: ~800M

Manage 1 subordinate



  • 勤務地:東京都品川区勝島1-5-21 東神ビルディング別館11号館

東京モノレール「大井競馬場前」駅 徒歩5分

  • 就業時間:9:00-18:00(休憩時間:12:00-13:00)
  • フレックスタイム適用(コアタイム:9:00-18:00の間に1時間)
  • 休日:土曜、日曜、祝日、年末年始
  • 時間外労働:あり
  • 試用期間:6か月(試用期間中も給与などの条件は変わりません)
  • 初年度有給:11日(1月~3月入社の場合)など


■Working Conditions

Location: Toshin Building Annex 11, 1-5-21 Katsushima, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

・5 minutes walk from Tokyo Monorail “Oi Keiba-mae” station.

・Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (Break time: 12:00-13:00)

・ Flextime applied(Core time: 1 hour between 9:00-18:00)

・ Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays


・ Overtime: Yes

・ Trial period: 6 months (salary and other conditions remain the same during the trial period)

・ First year paid: 11 days (for employees joining from January to March), etc.